Wednesday, May 11, 2005

“Corporate America Often Seems Frozen in Fear” - Importance of Global Communication Highlighted by Tradewind Strategies

Articles in Asia and US Provide Keys to Unlocking Promise of New Markets Through Successful Global Communication

Boston, MA – May 9, 2005 – In articles published in both the United States and Asia, Josef Blumenfeld, founder of Tradewind Strategies, highlights the importance of successful global communication. Many American companies are “frozen in fear” or “mired in confusion” when it comes to reaching vital global markets. Blumenfeld taps his expertise to provide insight and counsel on the opportunities provided by successful global communication, and to warn of the risk ineffective corporate global communication poses for the US economy’s worldwide standing.

“Executives who ignore the risk posed by ineffective global communication may imperil their business,” Blumenfeld writes in the May issue of American Executive, published by RedCoat Publishing, Inc. “Recognizing the importance of effective global communication and working to ensure that communication is productive positions savvy companies well in the global marketplace.” At the same time, Blumenfeld writes in the current issue of Hong Kong-based Media, published by Haymarket Business Publications Limited, “Slow recovery in the US makes it paramount that American businesses look overseas for new markets.”

“Most American companies lag behind their international competitors when it comes to recognizing the importance of global communications,” Blumenfeld adds. “At a time when penetrating international markets is crucial to economic growth, many US companies lack the in-house talent and know-how to drive programs that will reach global consumers. Stronger global communication experience and perspective, coupled with eroding support for US brands in many international markets, gives non-US companies a unique window for seizing global marketshare.”

“The layoffs that ravaged US companies left few businesses with marketing departments experienced in the global marketplace,” Blumenfeld writes in Media. “Outsourced PR management has become a lifeline for some companies.”

“The need for global marketing communication and Corporate America’s inability to provide it, is a worrisome trend,” Blumenfeld adds. “America’s worldwide economic supremacy is being jeopardized by the increasing inability to tap global markets.”

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Executives who ignore the risk posed by ineffective global communication may imperil their business

The May issue of American Executive Magazine is running an article on global communications: