Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tradewind Strategies looks at Geely in EuroBiz - publised by EU Chamber of Commerce in China

Josef Blumenfeld highlights current shortcomings of foreign firms advising Chinese businesses.


Big dreams, bad communicationEven though they've become big players in every market or industry in which they do business, Chinese companies have had a difficult time teaching the world about their history and intentions. Unsuccessful M&A ventures into the US - witness CNOOC and Haier's attempts to acquire Unocal and Maytag respectively - could blunt the ambitions of companies like Geely - which recently added "International" to its name - says corporate communications consultant Josef Blumenfeld, whose Tradewind Strategies advises Chinese firms seeking M&As abroad. "The Chinese need to recognize that they are not strong marketers in the West. And when it comes to share offerings and acquisitions in the US, the foreign advisors hired by Chinese companies hardly inspire confidence in their abilities to suc-cessfully guide their Chinese clients."


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