Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tradewind Strategies partners on new service - helping Chinese companies achieve their goals in US

Tradewind Strategies is thrilled to be partnering with China Prospects in a joint venture called Outbound China www.outboundchina.com

Outbound China's sole purpose is to support the strategic PR/communications needs of Chinese companies that are targeting the US for expansion or investment. Given the failures of both CNOOC and Haier, and Geely's pitiful launch in Detroit, there is clearly a need for targeted counsel such as this. China Prospect's founder, Janet Carmosky, has two decades of experience in China, working for a range of companies in several industries. Janet's fluency in written and spoken Chinese, as well as her unique ability to bridge the cultural gap that has been the cause of these highly visible failures, makes her the ideal addition to the vast global experience that Tradewind Strategies brings to the table.

Response has been very positive thus far, and we haven't even announced yet. It is our understanding that no other consultancy exists with the singular purpose of easing Chinese entry into the US.

The Boston Business Journal covered us, pre-launch, on Friday, April 7.


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